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Movement II of the

Master Symphony Trilogy 

Fugue for the Sacred Songbook

in Eb Minor

By Keith A. Robinson
2 Fugue for the Sacred Songbook front co
2 Fugue for the Sacred Songbook back cov
Science-fiction/Space Opera
Recommended for ages 10 - adult
Contains mild violence

2021 Realm Award finalist for:
Best Science Fiction
Best Cover Design

Includes 6 Character Sketches by artist Laura Hollingsworth

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Elethana and Syzer.jpg



SampleKeith A. Robinson
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Khalen never wanted to see his home planet again.
Forced to return to the vile culture of his youth, he now must face the family he left behind—a family that wants him dead. Their malice and hate are set on breaking his body and spirit, as well as destroying his faith in the Great Composer. But this time, Khalen is not alone.
With the aid of a Solemsiel Arranger, a former Augmented soldier, a wealthy Lah’grex governor, and unexpected allies, Khalen must find a way to escape not only the planet of Meh’ish, but also his brutal past.
Yet more is at stake than he first realizes. He soon discovers his captivity is part of a larger plot to enslave the free races of the Twin Galaxies. The evil Tritonus Overlords, with dissonant musical energies and a mysterious fleet at their command, are preparing to wage war. And the hidden Sacred Songbook holds the key to their victory!
Fugue for the Sacred Songbook develops the melodies and harmonies established in Movement I of the Master Symphony. Enter once more into a universe of alien technologies and exotic worlds – a universe where music flows through creation as a spiritual energy shaped by powerful maestros for either harmony or discord.



When readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy dare to try a new author, they want to be taken to a place they haven’t visited before. Master Symphony by Keith Alan Robinson transports you to galaxies and worlds unlike anything I’ve ever read.


Incredible music magic mingles with compelling advanced tech as original races of beings fight for relics so powerful that they could alter the course of the universe. The first chapter hits you like a power chord, and the transcendent melody hits the heart and draws you deeply into a concerto so captivating that you’ll find yourself pondering it long after the last page. The Master Symphony will rock your world.

         Wayne Thomas Batson

         Bestselling Author of The Door Within Trilogy  

Map of the Twin Galaxies

(click to zoom in and explore)

Twin Galaxies Map.jpg

TOPICS DISCUSSED IN Fugue for the Sacred Songbook:

  • How can a God of love allow pain and suffering?

  • How do we determine what is true?

  • Is truth relative?

  • How should we respond to prejudice from others?

  • Why should we forgive others who have wronged us?

  • How does our longing for beauty point to evidence for God?

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