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Book 1 of the Origins Trilogy

Logic's End

2nd Edition

By Keith A. Robinson
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Earth-based science-fiction
Recommended for ages 13 - adult
Contains discussions about abortion, suicide, euthanasia, etc.



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In the near future, when planetary space travel has become possible, a NASA planet-finder

telescope discovers a planet that has the necessary requirements to produce life.  Rebecca

Evans, a staunch evolutionary scientist, is one of the people chosen to visit the planet.

After arriving on the surface, she is kidnapped and finds herself caught in the middle of

an ongoing planetary war between alien clans.  In an effort to escape, she makes a deal

with one of the clans to exchange precious technology for her freedom.

She soon finds out that on Ka'esch you cannot trust anyone.  For on this planet, survival

of the fittest is played out to its logical end.  Her journey of discovery turns into a search

for truth as she begins to question the very foundations of all that she believes about

the origin of life.


"I very much enjoyed reading Logic’s End.  It explores the question of what life would be like on a planet where evolution really did happen.  The surprising result helps the reader to see why life on Earth must be the result of special creation.

For those interested in science fiction but who are tired of all the evolutionary nonsense, Logic’s End is a refreshing alternative.

Logic’s End is a great read, and I highly recommend it."

Dr. Jason Lisle
Astrophysicist, Author and Speaker
Institute for Creation Research



“In this book, Robinson has discovered a “novel” way to communicate vital information to young adults and readers of all ages. Mainstream indoctrination on the origin of species and the age of the earth are regularly encountered, and has long needed combating. Through this unique story, truth is conveyed.”

Dr. John D. Morris
President, Institute for Creation Research

"Logic's End is a fascinating novel of discovery and a powerful argument for biblical creation. The journey that leads the characters and reader to conclusions about the origin of life is stunning!"

Nita Horn
Bestselling author of The Ahriman Gate





"Logic's End engages the ongoing debate between creation and evolution in a very unique way. Not only does author Keith A. Robinson masterfully challenge the logic of evolution and clearly make the case for creation, but he draws you into the adventure and keeps you wondering what lies around the next rock."

Ron Auch
Conference teacher and author of nine books on Christian living


  ... If humans evolved from fish and lizards, then why is our skin so weak?

  ... If evolution is propelled by random mutations, then why are we symmetrical?

  ...Why are mutations so rare on Earth?

  ...Why do we have emotions? How did they evolve?

  ... How do we account for concepts like love, self-sacrifice and nobility?

  ...Why do we have a concept of beauty?

  ... Since asexual reproduction is much more efficient, how and why did two sexes form?

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