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Book 2 of the Tartarus Chronicles


By Keith A. Robinson
Earth-based science-fiction, portals, dystopian underground world
Recommended for ages 12 - adult
Contains mild violence and half-human/animal hybrids



Tartarus has become unstable.

Having been pulled through a mysterious portal into the underground world of Tartarus two hundred years in the future, Gunther Leuschen is on the verge of discovering how to reverse the portals and return to Earth. Forced to team up with a group of con artists and criminals, Gunther and his friends are being hunted by the technologically and genetically enhanced Guardians from the city of Elysium, as well as the military of the city of Dehali and their robotic soldiers. But his greatest challenge may come from the forces that strive for his beliefs, and his soul.



"A thoroughly enjoyable read with great characters and a compelling, suspenseful story propelled by lots and lots of action. For me, the icing on the cake is the enlightening apologetics information masterfully woven into the story."

Joe Barruso

Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer




... What are the basic beliefs of Hinduism?
... What are the basic beliefs of Buddhism?
... How is Christianity different?
... Is truth relative?
... What questions does each worldview/religion attempt to answer?
... What makes the Bible unique?



... How does prophecy prove the Bible is the truth?
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