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Current Titles

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Keith A. Robinson

The Master Symphony Trilogy
1 Prelude and Abduction final front cove
2 Fugue for the Sacred Songbook front cover preview.jpg
March of the Free - Final Front Cover.jpg

The Origins Trilogy

Pyramid of the Ancients 2022 - Front Cover.jpg
Escaping the Cataclysm 2022 - Front Cover.jpg

The Tartarus Chronicles

Elysium Cover - Tate.jpg
Dehali - Front Cover.jpg
Bab al-Jihad - Front Cover.jpg
Labyrinth - Front Cover.jpg

Tim Chaffey

The Truth Chronicles

The Truth Chronicles

TC6 - Cover.jpg
The Remnant Trilogy
Noah 2 - Cover.jpg
Noah 3 - Cover.jpg
Noah - Cover.jpg

Julie Cave

Dinah Harris Mystery
Books - The Dark Heart.jpg

Nick Daniels

JC Lamont

Other Apologetics Fiction titles

NOTE: The following list contains materials that have been submitted to the Apologetics Fiction website but have NOT yet been reviewed. We therefore are not endorsing any of these novels but list them as suggestions only.

Author                                        Title

K.C. Powderly, Jr.                    Dawn Apocalypse Rising

                                                      The Paladin's Odyssey

                                                      A Broken Paradise

                                                      The Tides of Nemesis

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