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Book 1 of the Tartarus Chronicles


By Keith A. Robinson
Elysium 2nd Edition - Front Cover.jpg
Elysium 2nd Edition - Back Cover.jpg
Earth-based science fiction, portals, dystopian underground world
Recommended for ages 12 - adult
Contains mild violence and half-human/animal hybrids

Trapped in an underground world.


Braedon Lewis is unwittingly pulled through a mysterious portal and transported two hundred years into the future. He finds himself in an exotic, underground world inhabited by other humans from earth. Yet, despite their advanced technology, the people are unable to find a way to return home. Braedon is forced to forget his past and adjust to life in this new world until providence connects him with Gunther Lueschen, a particle physicist who may hold the key to reversing the portals. 


With the aid of an unlikely mix of companions, Braedon and Gunther seek to escape detection long enough to complete the technology. Yet their every move is tracked by genetically-altered soldiers and technologically-enhanced humans—pawns of corrupt government officials who seek to convert the portal device into a powerful weapon to wage war upon the rest of Tartarus. 


Yet even greater than these obstacles are the questions that arise about the nature of truth—questions that challenge the very core of Braedon’s beliefs.


"A thoroughly enjoyable read with great characters and a compelling, suspenseful story propelled by lots and lots of action. For me, the icing on the cake is the enlightening apologetics information masterfully woven into the story."

Joe Barruso

Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer




... Can a person have morality apart from a belief in God?

... What is the nature of truth?

... How can a person determine what is true?

... Is truth relative?

... What questions does each worldview/religion attempt to answer?

... What is the ultimate result of a government with an atheistic worldview?



... What limits should be placed upon the mixing of technology and human life?

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