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Book 3 of the Remnant Trilogy

Noah: Man of God

By Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams
Noah 3 - Cover.jpg
Noah 3 - Back Cover.jpg
Historical fiction, pre-Flood
Recommended for ages 10 - adult


The world is inundated with violence and headed for destruction. Following his desperate flight from the clutches of Havilah's wicked rulers, Noah finds himself caught in the middle of warring empires: the forces of Havilah, led by their evil king and priestess, battle the barbaric Nodite army for supremacy. Facing a decision that may cost loved ones their lives, Noah must find a way to escape the conflict to reach Emzara and fulfill God's calling.

Seeking a safe place to build the Ark far from his enemy's reach, Noah leads his group to the last place he thinks anyone would look. Encountering numerous surprises along the way, he discovers that someone else has already planned for his arrival.

As the Ark nears completion and judgment looms, Noah makes one more trek through a world dominated by deadly deceptions. Aided by an unexpected stranger in a perilous place, Noah learns once again that the Creator always keeps His promises.

Adventure, wonder, and biblical history await readers on this riveting journey through the pre-Flood world, leading to an epic confrontation between the Creator's faithful preacher of righteousness and the serpent's priestess and her legions of darkness. Noah: Man of God weaves together the story-lines from the first two books and delivers an unforgettable conclusion to The Remnant Trilogy.

More than just a novel, Noah: Man of God features non-fiction sections in the back of the book that provide answers to popular questions about the time in which Noah lived and explain where certain characters and events from the book can be seen at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Non-fiction section details:

  • Q & A - addresses numerous questions about Noah and the pre-Flood world that come up in the novel

  • Encounter This - explains the locations at the Ark Encounter where readers can view items and events described in the novel

  • Borrowed from the Bible - highlights areas of the story that are similar to other events described in Scripture


"Step back in time and enjoy this living story exploration of what the pre-Flood world may have been like during the life of Noah, seeing what events shaped who he would become. Experience his challenges and his hopes as Noah grows in faith while the world around him drifts away from the one true God. Explore a story honoring the biblical history as you walk in Noah's footsteps toward a cataclysmic event that would change the world forever! ”

          —Ken Ham, President and Founder of Answers in Genesis & The Ark Encounter




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