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Book 1 of the Dinah Harris Trilogy

Deadly Disclosures

By Julie Cave

Murder mystery
Recommended for ages 13 - adult
Murder, alcoholism, depression



FBI agent Dinah Harris no longer wants field work, but despite her struggle with alcohol  and depression, her superiors require her assistance with the sudden disappearance of the Secretary of the Smithsonian, Thomas Whitfield.  The discovery of Whitfield's body in the trunk of a wrecked car confirms foul play, and Dinah becomes embroiled in a no-holds-barred high-profile murder case that threatens to shake the very foundations of the academic establishment.

Will Dinah be silenced by a ruthless enemy before she can unravel the mystery and experience the redemptive power of Christ.



Why a book about Creation?  "Ken Ham is a friend of ours and I was aware of the persecution and derision that he and his colleagues face for standing up for the truth," Cave said.  "I then imagined what would happen if someone in a high profile position decided to espouse this position......hope to show that there doesn't need to be blind faith in Christianity, and that there are answers for such questions such as 'Why does God allow suffering?' 'what about millions of years?'  and 'isn't evolution a fact?'

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