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Book 4 of the Tartarus Chronicles


By Keith A. Robinson
Earth-based science fiction, portals, dystopian underground world
Recommended for ages 12 - adult
Contains mild violence and half-human/animal hybrids

The collapse of Tartarus is imminent!


The tremors and earthquakes that are ripping Tartarus apart are growing stronger and more frequent. The only hope for the millions of inhabitants of the underground world lie with the small band of friends who are racing desperately against the clock to reverse the portals from Earth.


In order to do so, they must reach one of a handful of locations where the rift between space and time is greatest. However, power-hungry forces with their own sinister agendas are closing in on the team. If they gain control of the portals, it could lead to even greater disaster. 


With the fate of the world resting on their shoulders, the team journeys toward the portal location, which lies at the center of a treacherous, three-dimensional maze of caves and tunnels, filled with pits, hazards, and deadly creatures.


What will be the fate of Tartarus and who will make it out alive? Find out in this thrilling conclusion to The Tartarus Chronicles!



"A thoroughly enjoyable read with great characters and a compelling, suspenseful story propelled by lots and lots of action. For me, the icing on the cake is the enlightening apologetics information masterfully woven into the story."

Joe Barruso

Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer


... Is truth relative?
... What questions does each worldview/religion attempt to answer?
... What makes the Bible unique?


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