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Book 2 of the Origins Trilogy

Pyramid of the Ancients

A Novel about the Origin of Civilizations

By Keith A. Robinson

Pyramid of the Ancients 2022 - Front Cover.jpg
Pyramid of the Ancients 2022 - Back Cover.png
Earth-based science-fiction, biblical history, time travel
Recommended for ages 12 - adult
Contains discussion of marital infidelity



A mysterious chamber is unearthed.

A team of archaeologists led by Jeffrey Evans uncovers a hidden chamber buried deep beneath the sands of Iraq. In addition to strange corpses and leather-bound tomes, the team discovers a mysterious machine in the shape of a two-story pyramid. An attack by an unknown adversary forces Jeffrey, his wife Rebecca, and the rest of his team to activate the machine. The pyramid takes them on an unexpected journey that threatens their lives, their relationships, and their beliefs.

Pyramid of the Ancients is filled with edge-of-your-seat action, serious drama, and memorable characters. It also contains helpful notes and extensive research about the true history of the earth based upon a biblical worldview.



“In this book, Robinson has discovered a “novel” way to communicate vital information to young adults and readers of all ages.  Mainstream indoctrination on the origin of species and the age of the earth are regularly encountered and has long needed combating.  Through this unique story, truth is conveyed.”

Dr. John Morris
Author of The Young Earth



"Pyramid of the Ancients will challenge you to reconsider the conventional wisdom concerning the history of our world."

Tim Chaffey
Author/Speaker, Answers in Genesis


  ... What is the difference between Operational Science and Origin Science?

  ... How did ancient man build structures like the pyramids and Stonehenge?

  ... Who were the Neanderthals?

  ... Was there only one Ice Age, and what caused it?

  ... Is the Earth really billions of years old?

  ... What happened to the dinosaurs?

  ... Why is it that many of the ancient cultures and languages seemingly sprang into

       existence so quickly?

The answers to each of these questions as well as numerous others are woven throughout the plot of the novel.  Furthermore, the text itself contains footnotes at appropriate sections, so that the reader can distinguish between factual information and fictional storytelling devices.  In addition, a reference page is included in the back of the book, which encourages the reader to do further research into the topics presented.
Click here to download the free STUDY GUIDE for Pyramid of the Ancients.
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