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        An apologetics ministry founded by author Tim Chaffey

        A website that promotes speculative Christian fiction (sci-fi/fantasy).

        A website and magazine that reviews and promotes Christian science-fiction/fantasy authors and their novels

        The official website of Answers In Genesis, one of the largest creation ministries in

        the world.

        The official website for Creation Research.

        The official website of the Discovery Institute, the "think-tank" for the intelligent

        design movement.

        The Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a Creation ministry located in
        the southeastern Wisconsin area.  This site contains videos and other materials
        supporting the creation model, as well as a list of public speakers about the topic of

        creation and evolution, including author Keith A. Robinson

        The website of Carl Kerby, founder of Reasons for Hope ministry and public

        speaker on the issue of Creation and Evolution. Former featured speaker for AiG.

        This website contains the complete FREE online edition of  In the Beginning:

        Compelling evidence for Creation and the Flood (7th edition) by Dr. Walt Brown.

        A great website for purchasing materials related to the issue of Creation/Evolution.

        This website contains the complete FREE online edition of Evolution Cruncher by   

        Vance Ferrell.  This paperback is based on the 1,326-page three-volume Evolution

        Disproved series.

        This website has lots or great material including the entire video, "A Question of

        Origins" available to view for FREE online.

        Lee Strobel was a former athiest and has now written several books investigating the

        Christian faith including, "The Case for the Creator."

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