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Book 1 of the Remnant Trilogy

Noah: Man of Destiny

By Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams
Historical fiction, pre-Flood
Recommended for ages 10 - adult


Have you ever wondered what life for the man who built the Ark might have been like?

Most think of Noah as the man who built a ship and spent months caring for thousands of animals. But who was he and what events shaped who he would become?

Noah: Man of Destiny takes readers on a captivating, coming-of-age journey. Noah learns about the Most High while standing against a sinister belief system emerging throughout the land. Whether escaping legendary beasts, tracking kidnappers, or pursuing his future wife, Noah acquires the skills he will need when God calls him to his greatest adventure: surviving the global Flood.

  • Witness the struggle of a righteous man’s battle against a culture that thought of evil continually

  • Explore what it may have been like for a righteous man to relate to God before the Bible was written

  • Non-fiction portions in the back of the book help explain historical concepts and provide teaching sections that deal with issues and concerns that arise in the account.


"Step back in time and enjoy this living story exploration of what the pre-Flood world may have been like during the life of Noah, seeing what events shaped who he would become. Experience his challenges and his hopes as Noah grows in faith while the world around him drifts away from the one true God. Explore a story honoring the biblical history as you walk in Noah's footsteps toward a cataclysmic event that would change the world forever! ”

          —Ken Ham, President and Founder of Answers in Genesis & The Ark Encounter




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