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Other Titles


Below is a list of other authors and titles of works that have been brought to our attention. However, due to various reasons*, have not been endorsed by the creators of this site. Visitors to should use their own discretion when choosing from these titles. 


*Reasons for inclusion on this list may include the following:

         A. We have not read through the book and cannot verify the quality.

         B. The book does not meet all of our criteria.

Johnny Came Home

by Tony Breeden

Three years after the fire that took his home and his family, John Lazarus returns to the town of Midwich searching for answers to why he can do extraordinary things no one's ever seen outside of a comic book. Is he human? Alien? Something more? The answers lie within the Titan complex that overshadows Midwich. But someone else wants Titan's secrets too and will stop at nothing to make sure that she alone possesses them. One young man and his friends stands between Pandora and world domination in an action-packed, white-knuckled thrill ride that will leave you breathless!

The Deception by Steven J. Wright

Creation or evolution? Did God speak everything into existence or was it all made through natural processes? Does it really matter, anyway? Dr. Jeff Duncan, the newly hired biology professor at Grogan University, is about to discover the truth. The Genesis Creation, Noah's Ark, the Tower of Babel...Jeff was taught all the classic Bible stories as a child, and although he accepted them at face value, he was never taught how to defend his faith, nor were his Sunday school teachers able to provide answers to the many questions he asked.


Faced with a series of life-altering events, Jeff is forced to choose between his childhood faith and the evolutionary biology he learned in college and has now been hired to teach. If the historical accounts in Genesis are not true, then what about the rest of the Bible? Jeff begins to question everything he had been taught as a child and almost denies his faith altogether, but God has something else in store for him. Why couldn’t Jeff ever establish a firm foundation as a child and understand his faith back then? Shouldn’t the people who were teaching him in church every Sunday be able to answer his questions? Were his Sunday school teachers deceiving him all those years by just telling about Bible “stories,” or, now as a professor of evolution, is Jeff part of…the deception?

The Maker by Wes Moore

It's 2332 AD and our greatest fears have been realized. America has been destroyed and all history of her erased. The Global Government, made up of America's present friends and foes, oppresses the world and hunts down and annihilates any person or group that threatens it. No one can challenge the great Global Government until a suicidal archaeologist named Adrien Bach finds a black box buried in the remote desert that was Middle America. The mysterious contents of this box lead him to the truth-about America, the Global Government, and the greatest crime in human history. Their crime.


Join Adrien on a thrilling, twenty-fourth century ride to uncover the truth, and reveal that truth to a world starved of hope, love, and light. And along the way, perhaps you'll learn something that will change the way you view our twenty-first century world. Don't miss this futuristic thriller from hot new author Wes Moore!

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